• Your company needs a transition towards a more modern culture of leadership and agility?
  • Virtual meetings, collaboration, home office and mobile working is relatively new to people in your company?
  • Your company is introducing a new technology platform, like e.g. Microsoft365 and Microsoft Teams?
  • You started to install the software but found that people do not easily use it?
  • You feel the complexity and speed of work and want to be in control of your time?
  • Your team operates across locations and wants to pick up ideas on how to collaborate more intensively and foster the human touch?

Our most popular Offerings

Trainings for leadersleading teams


We help you bring along leaders on your journey towards New Work. Leaders find themselves in an interesting situation… They are impacted themselves whilst being in the driver seat for the company. 

New WorkOur objective is to enable leaders to translate theory into day-to-day actions!

Trainings & Workshops for Teams or Employee Groupsonline meetings

  • Crack the human code in online meetings
  • Learn the ropes of video conferencing tool (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Webex, Adobe Connect)
  • Experience virtual Teambuilding – facilitated session 
  • Become efficient with your collaboration platform Microsoft Teams
  • Save time with Outlook E-Mail 
  • New Work Survival Kit – Resilience Hands-On

If your company is

  • keen to introduce a change in culture and behaviour
  • looking to introduce suitable frameworks for the future way of working
  • introducing new technology for the modern and digital workplace

it is key to take the people along. Help them lern, accept and adopt different approaches, new tools and solutions.

We provide different facettes of training and education, dependant on your employees’ needs. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

All Trainings are delivered in English or in German language.

Our Approach

Dependant on your needs we agree the content focus and format. Our approach consists of six steps:




We deliver many topics as live online trainings or workshops. People experience the possibilities of human touch in this remote setting. Participants are engaged in different live interactions.

Key-Notes, in-person workshops, trainings, Open Space or Barcamp – we deliver inhouse face-to-face events. 

This can be combined with online activities.