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More and more people conduct a portion of their work online. Written communication and verbal exchange – upskilling one’s ability to contribute becomes key. Not missing important informormation is at least as important.

We collaborate even though we are based in different places. Remote work, work at a distance, virtual collaboration, mobile working – they all refer to the same concept.

Many team members and leaders benefit from a kick-starter to a change in their ways of working. Even those people that have been working in global corporations for a long time have not necessarily focussed on this skillset so far.

The Human Resources and IT functions as well as facilities or innovation teams want to make an impact in moving the culture and processes to a modern way of working.


Collaboration requires an attitude of openness and sharing.

If we work remotely we need to be aware of our behaviours and guidance to others. This can be learned. And it is possible to make things happen that most people do not consider to be an option when working remotely. Networking, social time, teambuilding – how can this be addressed with simple means when we do not meet each other in person?

Online meetings, larger virtual events and live online trainings can often be conducted with a lot more involvement and interaction. Creating psychological safety and bonding will contribute to team members pulling in the same direction. Our objective is to achieve a solid mutual understanding.

In the business this relates to internal collaboration amongst colleagues, as well as any communication with customers and business partners.

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If your organisation has collaboration and online meetings tools in place, we work with those.

If you are on a journey to introduce a new platform we help your people to make the change.

4 New Work is not bound by any particular tool provider. We do not sell any hard or software. Instead, our expertise lies in supporting users to expand their skills with regard to methods and behaviours, as well as the efficient use of tools.

Whether you are introducing Microsoft Teams, working with Skype for Business, Webex, Adobe Connect or other tools, employees and leaders learn how to benefit from the potential of these applications.

Currently, many organisations are introducing Office 365 and the collaboration platform Microsoft Teams. Starting off with the right change and adoption concept will smooth the transition and save you a lot of hustle later.

We also work regularly with additional tools like Mentimeter or Slido to create interactive online events with larger audiences.

Digital Tools

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With New Work concepts comes a lot more flexibility for every leader and employee.

At the same time, it requires local agreement of some rules of the game. Behaviours and certain processes need to be decided by the team. On that basis the team can act in a safer ennvironment with higher speed.