Home Office Resilience©

Covid-19 has lead to a abrupt need for everyone to change. The challenges to cope  can be addressed early

We are all currently experiencing an absolutely exceptional situation with Covid-19.

The crisis has abruptly and disruptively transformed our entire lives: the way we work together, the fact that we have to find ways to still maintain our social relationship despite contact bans.  The limitations we are experiencing regarding travel that affect our globalized world.  Working from home and home schooling. VUCA is reality!

Resilience is an ability that helps us to stay on course in disruptive times.

In our deep dive program Home Office Resilience© participants receive many practical suggestions on how to continuously develop their resilience in order to steer through the crisis.

The goal is to strengthen the psychological resistance, thus enabling faster regeneration and remaining productive. The learnings are fundamental in future ways of working even for the time after Covid-19.  

Your Benefits

Now is the moment employees and leaders need support!

Managed by experienced experts with expertise in content and methods on resilience, modern work requirements, workshops and virtual events.

The program has been specially designed for virtual implementation. Participants can dial in from home.

The impulses make participants aware of their possible scope for action, so that they can act on their own in the long run.

The virtual modules can be easily integrated into the working day.

Repeated live and self-reflection impulses in a 4-week program, including the use of our mobile App.

Scope of the programme