Virtual Teambuilding

In business it is still about people. In a remote and virtual world it is central to success that people are connected, feel part of a team, are well aligned. 

You may have globally dispersed team. Budget and time constraints do not permit regular personal meetings.

Or you team is based in close proximity but due to the Covid-19 restriction in-person events are not an option.

You are looking for a solution that combines business objectives with human touch?

We support with the following:

You tell us what you want to achieve and which items you wan to have included. We advise you based on our experience what works best in a virtual setting.

We create a plan that combines different activities. This may include some business presentations or virtual workshops, discussion forums as well as some social teambuilding. Or you decide to dedicate extra time for team building.

Based on our  tried and tested checklist we propose which activity would be most effective for your team. These are methods that you can employ with the technology that is already available to you inhouse. 

Written guides will be prepared.

If you are the team leader you may enjoy participating with the team. We are ready to facilitate your team event in accordance with prior alignment. So you can relax

Is this going to be a huge project?

Well, no. It depends what you are looking to do. It can vary between a couple of hours for some quick input to several days of preparation for a larger event.

How can we work with you?

We love to work remotely with you. And have done so for many years, so our experience is really positive. We are trying our best to be flexible in joining virtual preparation meetings when needed.

Do you offer this in English only?

We are offering all our services in English and German language.

I don’t know what I want. Where do I start?

No worries, just reach out to us for a conversation (free of charge or course)

What a great new experience!  A virtual meeting of our global divisional organisation. We would like to thank our consultant from 4 New Work who had a central role in supporting the preparation and successful running of our 3-day virtual event, including  80 employees from different timezones globally. The global participants where highly engaged, appreciating the variety of virtually connecting, learning, discussing, exchanging, developing important topics, presenting, laughing and networking. 

It was a pleasure working with 4 New Work and we can highly recommend the engagement.

Stefanie Weinrich, Process Coordinator TIP Immuno-Oncology, Merck KGaA

Die von 4 New Work für uns durchgeführten Termine waren ein voller Erfolg. Mit dem virtuellen Teambuilding hatten alle die Gelegenheit, sich besser kennenzulernen und sich auch gemeinsam etwas kreativ zu betätigen.  Der online Workshop zu Resilienz war auch ein voller Erfolg. Auf unsere Vorstellungen und Wünsche  wurde schon in der Konzeption eingegangen. Mir hat es großen Spaß gemacht und die Rückmeldungen aus dem Team waren sehr sehr positiv. Wir Teamleiter haben uns gefreut, daß die Leute so aktiv mitgemacht haben. Vielen Dank noch einmal für die engagierte Moderation, die wesentlich zum Gelingen der beiden Events beigetragen hat! Wir empfehlen 4 New Work auf jeden Fall gerne weiter.

Dr. Beatrix Metzner, Teamleiterin, Boehringer Ingelheim Biopharmaceuticals GmbH

Ich habe zwei live online Seminare mit Frau Neuendorf von 4 New Work erlebt. Die Kombination aus praxisnahmen, fachlichem Know-How einerseits mit abwechslungsreichem Stil, hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Ich habe etliche interessante Anregungen mitgenommen, die in der Diskussion entstanden und konkret nutzbar sind. Die Trainerin hat die aktuellen Ideen zu online Meetings und virtuellem Teambuilding mit sehr viel Energie und kompetent vermittelt und ist wunderbar auf die Fragen der Teilnehmer eingegangen. Ich kann die Seminare auf jeden Fall empfehlen.
Dr. Stefan Bartoschek, Leiter der CMC Projektmanagergruppe in Deutschland, Sanofi-Aventis