Expectations are changing. We are part of a changing world and leadership principles and competencies are clearly part of that.

In fact, leaders are shaping the new world of work. So their impact is big.

Digital – Virtual – Hybrid and Human: New Leadership

Your organisation wants to broaden your outlook on changes in leadership style to brace the future? You facing the New Normal and are wondering what it will be like?

During the Covid-19 pandemic many companies startet to review their policies. Leaders were challenged and common beliefs tested. 

Other megatrends are also impacting the way people want to work and be effective in future. In our experience, leaders and managers benefit from learning more about how they can shape the future way of leading. And young aspiring leaders are often times lacking role models for a new leadership style.

Katrin Neuendorf (4 New Work) joined our Corporate Leadership Meeting. She found the right balance between reminding these leaders of the background and importance of remote engagement and some very practical and hands-on advices and tips how to be more successful. In a very engaging and short whiled way. I look forward to keep working with her.

Christin Schack, Regional Business Director, Safety & Industrial | Industriemärkte, 3M Central Europe Region

Vielen Dank für den inspirierenden Impuls Vortrag zum Thema „Engagement for Growth“

Britta Renno, Direktorin Personalmanagement & Unternehmenskommunikation, 
Prokuristin, Canada Life Assurance Europe plc
Die Herausforderung an Führungskräfte, für die man digitale Kompetenzen benötigt sind vielfältig. Da es kein Patentrezept gibt, ist es wichtig über Erfahrung zu lernen und Dinge auch auszuprobieren. Hierzu liefert das Seminar viele Ideen und ermöglicht einen gleichzeitig die Standortbestimmung, wo man mit der eigenen digitalen Kompetenz steht.
Ester Fernández-Pola, Leiterin Expert Projects für Marketing & Sales Excellence, Evonik Industries AG