Change Consulting

  • You are keen to move the organisation towards new ways of working?  You are looking for support and advice, e.g. on flexible or mobile working?
  • You have not yet defined your vision and steps and are looking for an accelerated process?
  • You need assistance in works council and employment law aspects on your way towards New Work?

We can support you with topics like

  • Transformation Workshop to define your strategy
  • Stakeholder Map, structured interviews
  • Consulting on the required working environment
  • Consulting on works council agreements, employment law implications, works council education
  • Enabling Human Resources functions and other change agents. HR Action Analyser©
  • Change Management consulting and support on the transformation journey. Referring to the PROSCI© change management methodology we provide clarity on approach and necessary steps.
Prosci; change management

We recommend our customers to assess where people stand with regard to the transformation and then devise the appropriate measures.

The following table provides an overview of different mental stages stakeholders may be in and potential steps to take.


Change Management at 4 New Work means “making it practical”. We help you quickly translate your wish to change into deliveries your people can work with. Examples can be found in our training offerings.

We have a range of specialised partners in different fields of expertise who contribute to your transformation needs.